Ten Years Of The iPhone, How Much Has Changed

It has been ten years since the first iPhone was presented to the world and we have come quite a long way. It really was hard to imagine there could have been anything better than the first iPhone the Late Steve Jobs showed us, but to our amazement, a whole lot has changed, one can even look back a decade ago and laugh at how pleased users were to get hold of the first iPhone model.
Reimagine what a phone can do
Alas Nikola Tesla was not wrong when he predicted that one day a device will be made that will be able to make long distance communication, radio, store various kinds of files and even take pictures. The iPhone did even more, it was the gold standard of all attempts to fit a computer inside a pocket or a purse – with email and internet capabilities built right in and a few games to cheer you up.
A new economy, a new commodity
With the iPhone came iTunes and with iTunes came a new type of commodity, virtual, electronic commodities. Truth is, they have always been around, but the iPhone made them so mainstream that users today have no worries forking out real money for virtual commodities.
Design is everything
The team that built the iPhone and Apple generally have a reputation for good aesthetics, it is easy to see how they were able to design a product so beautiful everyone wanted to own it. The hard ware and software was well thought out and seemed to blend so well with the human ware – people thought of it as an extension of their hands.
Beyond The iPhone
The iPhone craze went beyond mobile communication and has seeped into every aspect of human life, today whenever we think about designing better products or services we always refer to the iPhone as one of the gold standards.
All these did not happen all of a sudden, it followed a series of steps, model after model to bring us to where we are today. But there was something unique about the iPhone that makes it a benchmark in the life time of digital communication.

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