Nigerian Telcos Are Unhappy Over Internet Calls

“Nigerian Telcos are greedy!” That’s what someone said. He had facts to back up his claim. He even pulled up a chart that showed we pay one of the highest rates for internet connectivity. “Yet these Telcos complain that we make internet calls”. He went on and on, his anger seemed to have been pent up.


Truly we pay a fortune to access the internet, we pay a lot to make GSM calls and the quality of services we get does little to match the cost to access them. Every now and then, we see news that Telcos want to block WhatsApp calls or tax them differently.

Is it just greed or are Nigerian Telcos also operating from their own pain point? They like to make it seem like they are at the brink of making losses, but we know too well that is not the case. If Telcos really want Nigerians to stop using the internet to make calls, then they should reduce the cost of making phone calls, especially international calls.

Telcos should complain less about internet calls using WhatsApp and skype and Facebook because if users don’t have them we would not necessarily switch to expensive GSM calls, no, we would just move on with our lives. But with internet calls, we get to spend money on data which is a plus for them.

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