Minister Calls For Citizen Collaboration In Telecom QoS Issues

The need to positive in the fight against poor quality of service (QoS) in the telecom space has been

re-emphasised by the Minister of Communications, Barrister Abdur-Raheem Adebayo Shittu.

The call came in the light of recent social media attacks against the Ministry and the telecom

regulator, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) on allegations of improper monitoring of

telecom service providers, which has given rise to provision of low quality services to telecom


The Minister, while speaking on the Ministry’s efforts at enhancing the quality of service by telecom

service providers in the country encouraged Nigerians to proactively collaborate with the Ministry

and the NCC in the fight against the short comings which include poor quality services, unsolicited

SMS and unauthorized deductions by telecom service operators in the country.


According to him, social media attacks against the ministry and the NCC is not a wholesome

argument that would generate positive results, but that there is a need for all hands to be on deck to

checkmate the unwholesome and obvious detestable conduct of operators in the area of poor

quality service, unsolicited messages and outright extortion.

He further urged: ‘’The social media should be put to more productive use in such a way to project

the country well in the comity of nations and proffer enduring solutions to tame the monstrosity of

epileptic services by telecom operators.”

The Minister said that Nigerians have the right to complain about unsavoury services they

experience from telecoms operators, but assured them that the Ministry is not shying away from its

responsibility of ensuring that normalcy prevails in the industry, adding that the Ministry always put

regulatory agencies on their toes to do the needful.

“Rather than casting aspersions on the Ministry and the NCC for improper monitoring or not

penalizing telecom operators by infuriated Nigerians, people should understand the workings of

government and in turn appreciate the efforts of the regulators in ensuring that consumers enjoyed

value for their money.”

The NCC, he said, has made the consumer the focus of its regulatory activities which explains the

proactive approach the current management of the Commission has towards issues that affect the

consumer and on a large scale the entire industry.

The Minister added that the NCC has carried out a technical review following widespread complaints

by consumers about deteriorating Quality of Service (QoS) experienced from November last year to

February this year and that the Commission has on the strength of the findings summoned the major

operators to a meeting at which it warned that provision of poor quality services is not acceptable,

the consumer cannot be short-changed.

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