CcHub Organizes Health Hackathon

2017 is really gearing up to be the year of health tech both globally and locally. This is exciting news for health tech enthusiasts like me. Health and technology – information and communications technology aka the internet – to be specific.

While other fields of human endeavor have benefited from the internet, healthcare has proven to be pretty immune to the advances of the internet. This has turned out to be bad news for patients who suffer the brunt of reduced quality of care in the hands of undermanned health systems.

Health Tech

In the light of this and other factors, CcHub organized a hackathon for health to bring people and teams together to create solutions for health using technology. It was a gathering of stakeholders in healthcare with keynote speakers invited to share their thoughts and ideas on the future of healthcare.

The Future of health meetup is not just all talk and go, attendees at the conference were invited to create solutions for a hackathon scheduled for May 2017 where innovative solutions for healthcare will be created and demos will be carried out.

It is expected that workable solutions will arise from this platform to help tackle some of the longstanding problems facing health care.

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