GTS –Infotel Launches Mobile App ‘Mobinawa 1.0’ at NiMES 2017

thumbnailIn its bid to further address the communication challenges being faced by most businesses, GTS –Infotel has launched the pilot phase of its GTS network with mobile App ‘Mobinawa1.0’. The solution, which the company says is a mobile solution for digital transformation of Enterprises of all sizes at lower cost, is a virtual multichannel digital communications network connecting Enterprise value-added service platforms to consumer and business users. It consists of four core products.

According to the CEO of GTS-Infotel, Ing. Pierre-F. Kamanou, “Despite the continuous growth of mobile and Internet networks for more than twenty years, resulting in an increasingly widespread use of the Smartphone, we see that almost all businesses and administrations are still facing major challenges such as Lack of business call statistics and no KPIs for the Customer Support Center; Poor quality customer relationship management typically limited to the voice channel; Lack of interactive SMS/USSD customer management services and no presence on an interactive website.”

A statement from the company further states that part of the challenges the solution seeks to address include poor quality of the call attendance service and the call center service despite operating on multiple fixed and/or mobile numbers, with a very low call response rate which makes it impossible to identify the company by a number.

“It is with these challenges in mind and given the context of the emergence of the Digital Era that GTS-Infotel, which became the first local OTT-MVAS network Operator, has designed and developed for 3 years, the new GTS network dedicated to digital mobile value added communications solutions, which is now in its pilot phase,” Kamanou stated.

The GTS network consists of the mobile App ‘Mobinawa’, which is available for free on Google PlayStore and Apple Store. Mobinawa is an access portal application for digital products and services. Once the application is installed, the consumer user must enter his active mobile number to receive a verification code by SMS on his GSM handset to finalize his registration to the GTS network.

The solution allows any user to easily search for a company registered on the GTS network in the digital yellow pages and to communicate for free via the available digital channels of his choice which include Voice/Video, SMS and WebApp, by clicking on the Mobinawa page of the company, without having to enter his contact number. The user can also check the identification number of the company on his Mobinawa page and save it in his phonebook.

Also, the network comprises of GTS number, which is associated with all the company’s conversational and transactional mobile communication services; the Voice Contact Platform, a personalized voice greeting server that allows the company to receive all calls from Mobinawa subscribers to its GTS number andthe SMS contact platform, which is a reception server for all SMS messages sent by Mobinawa subscribers on the company’s GTS number.

Launching the solution at the just concluded Nigeria Mobile Economic Summit (NiMES),Kamanou stated: “After several years of perseverance, I am particularly pleased to introduce into the Nigerian market and for the first time in Africa, the mobile App ‘Mobinawa’ which aims to revolutionize the management of the mobile customer relationship of companies in the GTS network, because it offers a wide range of disruptive solutions suitable for modern needs of business communications, improvement of the user experience and mobile marketing in the digital era”

In addition to GSM networks, the GTS network is also a network for the promotion and marketing of mobile content services to Mobinawa subscribers.

Thus, the GTS network, the first of its kind in Africa, was designed to meet the essential needs of digital transformation of companies in terms of diversification and simplification of the customer’s relationship, development of new digital services, reduction of communication costs, increase in visibility, improvement of productivity and increase in revenue.

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