ntel Reveals Repositioning Plans on Roaming, Network Expansion

Sunday storyMobile communication subscribers on the ntel network will soon enjoy a collaborative service distribution with other networks. This assurance was given by the Managing Director and Chief Executive officer of ntel, Ernest Akinlola at a forum with the Nigeria Information Technology Reporters Association (NITRA) in Lagos.

He highlighted that ntel has signed a roaming agreement with MTN Nigeria and 9mobile, which will commence in April 2018, as a step to repositioning the company for an aggressive launch into the 2G/3G market.

ntel, which came into the market with 4G-LTE service says the collaboration will help the company accelerate its customer acquisition drive.

According to Akinlola: “ntel is planning to roll out national 2G and 3G roaming service with two foremost network operators, 9mobile and MTN Nigeria. This service is expected to roll out in the second quarter of 2018, April to be specific. The partnership is hinged on complementary skills set and robust customer service common to all parties involved”.

He further noted that the planned rollout with 9mobile is on “commercial decision stage” while MTN has agreed with the collaboration and will be going for a trial period with ntel.

“The partnership with 9mobile, which has 2G/3G, will help customers to enjoy the best data with good speed. It will help the network operators to become efficient and have less cost with the roll-out in 4G. The planned roll-out with 9mobile is on the commercial decision stage; MTN has agreed with the collaboration and will be going for a trial period with ntel.” Nteel signed its roaming agreement with 9mobile in the last quarter of 2017 and had run a test on the service.

ntelEnumerating the benefits accruable from engaging in roaming services, Akinlola said that the company will have immediate coverage parity, service backward compatibility of 4G to 3G and 2G, handset compatibility and speed to scale

Also as part of the plans to reposition the company, ntel will roll out its branded recharge cards, and plans to expand the LTE network coverage in metro areas and offer strong fixed broadband to customers. “There is a road map for wider coverage beyond Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja,” Akinlola assured.

Further listing ntel’s growth strategy and operations, Akinlola noted that the company currently has 72 percent coverage in Lagos, 92 percent in Abuja and 60 percent in Port Harcourt, with a guaranteed coverage of 20 states in 24 months.

He said that while expanding its national coverage, ntel will ensure its network resilience and robustness.  Akinlola maintained that the key drivers to the company’s growth are customer value management, increased smartphone support, rapid channel expansion drive and robust marketing.

ntel has partnered with Nokia, Samsung and Motorola for 5G devices that will further push connectivity.

The Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalist, Lagos State Council, Qasim Akinreti charged the telecom company to do more to ensure Nigerians get more benefit and quality from its services.

ntel, which started full commercial operations in April 2016, is Nigeria’s most advanced mobile 4G/LTE network providing superfast Internet Access that enables high-definition voice, data and video services. ntel’s network is built on the 900/1800 Mhz frequency bands which are the best propagation frequencies for the deployment of 4G/LTE technology.

ntel’s range of services include National Bandwidth; International Voice Termination, International Bandwidth; Mobile and Fixed Communications services.

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