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​What Is So Big About Big Data? 


Big data is what it sounds like, big data. It is a fancy term for lots of data collected from a myriad of sources. Individually these data make little sense as we would expect of data, but when collected over time and processed they can be used to determine consumer behavior, migratory patterns the stock market and even predict the next epidemic. 

Where does big data come from? 
Big data comes from an increasing number of sources, especially with the growing network of Internet of things devices, big data sources are set to increase exponentially. Basically, anything that connects to the Internet is a viable source of big data. Phones, laptops, watches, health monitors and so on. 

Why is big data such a big deal? 

It’s quite interesting and a little scary to imagine what patterns could be gotten from big data, moreso, big data could be misused and abused easily for selfish gains by marketers and advertisers. Big data also helps with artificial intelligence by providing the source upon which artificial intelligence is built. It expands the knowledge base of Artificial Intelligence programs thereby making machines smarter and more knowledgeable. 

Big data holds lots of promise for the future enabling us to have a broader understanding of human behavior.

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