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Ministry Flays Policy Antagonists As Unpatriotic

… Warns of Scheme To Scuttle Ministry’s Growth Policies

The Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy has issued a stern warning against people it referred to as “unpatriotic elements” who are bent on “sabotaging the efforts being made by the Ministry to deliver its mandate to Nigerians”, and further advised the media to maintain a stoic stance against any form compromise geared against consumer benefit, which the ministry stands for.

In a statement released today and signed by the Spokesperson to the Honourable Minister of Communications & Digital Economy, Uwa Suleiman, the Ministry said it is aware of the activities of those trying to discredit the current “proactive policy direction, anti-corruption and economically empowering principles, characteristic of the current leadership of Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, which has impacted hugely on the lives of ordinary Nigerians who have hitherto been helpless in the face of blatant exploitation.”

According to the statement, since assumption of office, the Honourable Minister, Dr. Pantami has consistently rolled out policies that strive to protect the consumer and entrench discipline and professionalism in the sector, this stand has ruffled some feathers whose sole aim is to discredit Dr Pantami’s mass-friendly policies.

It will be recalled that the minister, in recent developments, had made some directives on cashless payments at NIPOST offices, downward review of data cost and abolishment of data renewal service, and protection of telecom infrastructure as Critical National Infrastructure (CNI). These directives had been geared at protecting both consumers and telecom service providers, and to engender growth in the industry.

The Ministry alleges that going by its investigations into the suspicious activities of some disgruntled elements, the Ministry has uncovered “attempts at a malicious smear campaign, bankrolled by unscrupulous elements who are uncomfortable with the Minister’s people-oriented policies because they can no longer conduct business as usual.”

          “The objective of this bogus façade is to intimidate us into allowing the continued exploitation of Nigerians by compromising regulators. The gentlemen and women of the esteemed fourth estate of the realm are hereby called upon, to shun all attempts at demeaning the noble pen profession and uphold the integrity of their character.”

The Ministry further commended the media for its role in the industry and standing firm in their reportage of events in the industry to stimulate growth. “We commend the resilience of some media personalities who resisted the lure of evil, refused to be compromised and reached out to us. We are proud of the level of professionalism and patriotism demonstrated by the press which resulted in the woeful failure of the despicable campaign.”

While noting that the Ministry is duty-bound to provide non-discriminatory policy direction, the Minister took a swipe at what he regards as an unhealthy relationship that exists between the regulator and operators which may affect the regulator’s objectivity in discharging its role effectively.

“The hitherto existing relationship between Regulators and Operators which more often than not, compromises the former, is one that cannot thrive under the current leadership. The Honourable Minister is determined to ensure that the unhealthy dependence of Regulators on Operators is addressed so that Regulators can be very objective.”

The statement further warned the general public to be alert to the shady activities of these corrupt individuals, and disregard any information that contravenes the policies of the Ministry.

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