What Happened To Blogger? No seriously

I’m curious. Very curious. Seeing as I started blogging with Blogger. I was indeed loyal to the platform. The seamless integration with Google and the preference it received from Google search results. Plus I’ve always been a fan of Google.
When I got introduced to WordPress, I wouldn’t even give it a second thought. Only that the eye catching design was, you know, catchy. As curiosity would have it, I found myself creating a blog on WordPress – the templates were better and they got better every day, it was also more fluid allowing you to do more – much more than Blogger would.


Soon I became a pure WordPress fan – for a while it did always feel like I was cheating on Blogger, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Fast forward down to 2016, WordPress is taking over the web and Blogger seems to be sitting on its hands.
If Google had competed with WordPress, update for update, feature for feature they would have very easily taken over the web by now, their design language could have become the norm of the day and they would have been able to dictate how the web works.
Perhaps we should be glad they didn’t – they have too much power and web dominance already. It would only have been nice to see what changes they’d have made to the web experience we have today, especially as they have never relented in improving what we have on the mobile web and progressive web apps would have become really popular fast with Google fully in the web game.

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