Safer Internet Day; How To Be safe Online

As more and more of us get online and move more and more of our daily lives and interaction online it has become imperative that we practice safety and security online just as we would off line. It is to this end that a day was set aside to remind us about internet safety.

The 17th of February is celebrated as safer internet day every year and we would like to remind ourselves of a few tips on how to be safe online;

  1. Protect your gadgets physically from the hands of intruders and electronically using security software.
  2. Safeguard your data by using strong passwords and keeping them secret.
  3. Beware of links. Avoid clicking them and if you must do not input your security details into them unless you can verify the authenticity of the link.
  4. Safeguard your digital identity to avoid identity theft by scrutinizing the kind of information you share online.
  5. Avoid online scams by not clicking links in suspicious emails.
  6. Share safely, by using a secure password protected platform to share sensitive information.
  7. Stay away from websites that look suspicious.
  8. Shop smartly by looking for signs and seals of safety on websites when shopping online.
  9. Upgrade your browser to get the latest in terms of security from internet attacks
  10. Keep kids safer online by warning them about online risks and helping them stay protected with security software and online safety tools.

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