Are Chat based User Interfaces A Fad Or A Revolution?

Chatbots have been a really hot trend over the past few months. Websites, messaging platforms and mobile apps have used them in various interesting ways to serve users and the uptake gets even higher. Facebook is working on launching a bot store for messenger, Quartz has an app that delivers news to readers in chat like fashion, and the entire web seems to be going crazy about the idea of chat user interfaces.


The rise of chat based user interfaces does not mean death to Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) that have only began to near perfection after years of continuous improvement, but chat based user interfaces could augment GUIs in a way that makes them feel more human and intelligent – something that GUIs have struggled with over the years.

Chat based UIs also take the tedium out of using the web, especially when it comes to filling out form fields – again, another challenge that has faced GUIs over the years. Now, entering usernames and passwords feel like sending a message, something that users have less trouble doing, funny enough.

The question now is, whether we can go all out implementing chat based UIs on a full scale, notwithstanding the obvious limits of chat based UIs? Is chat based UI a revolution or just another fad that would be forgotten in about a year?

Apart from the unique advantages listed earlier, chat based UIs have an ability to be personal to each user, delivering personalized service to each user which is something GUIs will not even be able to dream of.

These unique offerings are not mere gimmicks, they provide incredible application in the real world and for that reason it is sensible to argue that chat based UIs are going to be here for a while and would even help drive us into the sci-fi future we so much dream of humans talking to machines.

Although we will have to learn newer better ways to use chat based UIs, they definitely will not work on all kinds of applications and will have great limitations in others but in situations where they work, the advantages will be immense.

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