Android O Is Coming To Save Your Battery

Android has managed to conquer most of its woes and has become an operating system to reckon with on mobile devices and is looking to spread that dominance to laptops and desktops – we watch with bated breath. From very humble beginnings as the ridiculously ambitious mobile OS vying for Apple iOS coveted spot of most advanced smart phone OS to number one or number two in the market, depending on whose side you’re on, the android community is proud to have helped built Android.

However, there is one little problem; battery life. It would seem like battery life has only gotten worse, although this is purely relative as Android batteries have actually improved. But Android capabilities and by extension it’s battery guzzling ability have increased by far more.

Android O

Android O plans to tackle that problem by reducing what apps running in the background can do with your phone and location updates will be vastly minimized. This is supposed to provide the most outstanding battery life for your android in stand-by mode.

Apart from battery saving tweaks, there would be the usual visual enhancements that Google has been known to provide update after update. Android O will also come with changes to the notifications allowing some notifications dismiss themselves after they could be deemed not needful.

Android O is expected to be released in the last quarter of 2017 but beta versions are already making the rounds getting the necessary adjustments in time for a possible announcement at Google I/O which is expected to hold in the month of June this year.

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