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About Us

E-Business Life Magazine is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Magazine incorporated to bring better information that would link users and service providers, as well as enable Nigeria to take its pride of place among the comity of nations in the new global economy.

Our mission at e-Business Life Magazine, therefore, is to inform and educate ICT users on trends and developments both locally and internationally; to provide a platform on which to build ICTs in Nigeria and also to be a voice for ICT consumers in the country. In addition, we are poised to create a world where Nigerian youths have a better understanding of modern technologies and can easily deploy these technologies in developing their communities. We also reach out to consumers who are trying to understand the trend in today’s ICT.

We publish both a hard-copy magazine and online enabling Nigerians to access information with ease.

eBusiness Life caters for the information needs of the young and old,  as well as decision makers,  entrepreneurs in all sectors of the economy, as they all need ICT to thrive.

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