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APPLE Reports First Sales plummet Since iPod


​For the first time since 2001, Apple has reported sales decline in its business. This is fifteen years after the company released its iPod, followed by a sleuth of other ground-breaking and innovative products that sent sales and revenue into the sky, quarter after quarter. 

The iPod marked the beginning of an era. That era has come to an end.

There was a subsequent 2.5 percent decline in stock after the revenue announcement was made. But Apple is convinced that this is just a phase as there are pointers to a brighter future. 
Apple is expected to release updated MacBooks later this week, and the challenges with Galaxy Note 7 will see high end Android users give the iPhone a shot. Moreso, the holiday quarter is a few days away, Apple expects the iPhone 7 sales to go up then. Apple is projecting that it will post sales of $76 billion to $78 billion in the upcoming quarter, up from $74.8 billion a year earlier. 

In the end, this sales decline may prove to be a blip and not a new norm. But this cannot change the fact that Apple’s 15 year streak has come to an end.

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