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Bitflux Accelerates Service Gear, To Implement Full Launch First Half



Despite rollout challenges that inhibited its planned speed in service delivery, Bitflux says it has marked the first half of 2019 to implement a full launch of its services.

The company, which was awarded the Wholesale Wireless Access Service License (“WWASL”) on the 2.3GHz spectrum license in February 2014 by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), has been distributing its services through its sister company, VDT Communications and is prepared to go full blast on its service offerings.

According to the Managing Director/CEO of VDT Communications, Engr. Abiodun Omoniyi, who also oversees Bitflux operations, the company will also move beyond servicing Enterprise customers to make its services available to homes.

Speaking on the challenges that slowed down its rollout plans, Omoniyi gives insight: “There are challenges. When we were setting out, we expected the process to have gone farther than this, especially seeing that we are investing and we believe so much in diversification. But what happened just thereafter with the Nigerian economy cannot be overlooked. There were so many challenges, which you know. We actually keyed into the National Broadband policy document that was issued by the last administration, which also gave a lot of support that made us participant in that whole scheme. Thereafter, the economy tanked. VDT that is the main promoter of the venture, is a wholly-owned Nigerian company and operates solely in Nigeria. It does not have any foreign currency earning power anywhere. What that simply means is that to roll out became suddenly quite expensive.”

He, however, noted that with its new strategy and quest for quality service delivery, the company can now conveniently service its clients and expand its services, hence the proposed launch within the first half of the year.

“But I am happy we are finding our way around it now. Soon you will see us doing a proper launch of Bitflux services in the first half of this year. We have been selling the services, the implementation of infrastructure. VDT has been selling the services through VDT Retail Services. It will get bigger very soon. We have engineers and implementers working to expand that network. Our vision is very much alive, and we are going to launch it out very soon.”

Bitflux’s 2.3 GHz licence empowers the company to construct, maintain, operate and use a network consisting of a Mobile Communication System, a Fixed Wireless Access Telecommunications System, or a combination of any of these systems deployed for the purpose of providing point to point or switched/unswitched point to multipoint communications for the conveyance of voice, data, video or any kind of message.

The company’s wholesale wireless broadband LTE service is designed for retail partners such as 4G LTE Broadband Service providers, Enterprise Connect Partners, Bulk Corporate LTE customers, Wi-fi Bundle customers, and Licensed frequency last mile service providers.

According to Omoniyi, Bitflux uses 30MHz of spectrum, which is why services deployed on the Bitflux network is very fast. And with 30MHz, Bitflux actually deploys two carriers of big spectrum channels.

The planned launch of Bitflux services will run across the nation and will further boost the drive for quality Last Mile services.

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