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Bluetooth 5.0 Is Here – Why Should You Be Excited?


It started as a tiny lab experiment over 20 years and replaced infrared sharing technology with the ability to send kilobytes and megabytes of data faster and without both devices having to be tightly held in place – indeed we have come a long way. Today it promises four times the range, two times the speed.
Enhanced range will enable connections beyond the walls of any typical home. This will make Bluetooth technology a better alternative to Wi-Fi technology especially where data connection is unavailable. The hassles of Bluetooth pairing will soon be a thing of the past as Bluetooth 5.0 will be smarter than its predecessors and be able to figure out what type of connection to serve to each device.


The first major upgrade in almost a decade has to be worth it. Imagine your world, only more closely connected. Your phone knows how your laptop is doing, your tablet communicates with your TV, your refrigerator pulls weather reports from your smart watch and your home theatre sings along as you walk into your living room with your smartphone.
Combined, these two improvements hold a lot of promise for the Internet of Things (IoT). With 8.2 billion devices already connected to bluetooth technology – a figure that has no plans of looking down anytime soon. The IoT phenomenon will experience a huge jump start because of it.
When can we expect Bluetooth 5.0 – later this year to early next year.

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