The Ford Edge is a midsized SUV with an alluring exterior and an impressive interior. It is comfortable on the inside and pleasurable to drive. The Ford Edge comes in five sweet colours: Bronze Fire Metallic tinted Clear Coat; Electric Spice which looks like a blend of copper and gold; Kona Blue; Ingot Silver Metallic; Magnetic Metallic – which looks like grey.


The Ford Edge is Available in four models; SE, SEL, Titanum, Sport. Each of these models will comfortably seat 5 persons and boasts a standard 2.0L four cylinder EcoBoost Engine, with 6 speed automatic transmission and front wheel drive. For a few extra bucks, buyers can get a 3.5L V6 engine, twin-turbocharged 2.7 V6 engine and all-wheel drive.


Inside the Ford Edge makes you feel at home with smartphone app integration, a capacitive touchscreen infotainment display system, ambient lighting, heated and cooled seats, leather upholstery, Apple Car Play, Android Auto, a 12 speaker Sony Audio system, adaptive cruise control, rain sensing wipers, lane keep assist and active park assist for when you have arrived.

Manual transmission is going out of fashion to be replaced by automatic transmission – but conservatives believe that to be able to call yourself a driver you should be able to drive a manual vehicle. Plus manual gave birth to automatic and to understand automatic transmission we should take a look at manual transmission.

How does a manual transmission gear box work? 

It is fascinating how shifting a small stick in an H-pattern can alter the dynamics of a car – make it move faster and even reverse. 

A gear box is a box full of gears – I bet you didn’t see that one coming. It helps the driver control how much speed or power is transmitted to the wheels of the vehicle. And this is determined by the terrain being navigated. 

The gears in the gearbox are of different sizes, arranged from smallest to largest and another one that puts the car in reverse. 

A motor engine contains pistons that make about ten cycles per second. Per second! To transfer all that torque to the wheels at once would be tantamount to chaos, so the gear box comes in. Surprise, surprise.

What the gear box does is to reduce the speed of the engine greatly and provide force to get the vehicle moving from rest. And as the vehicle begins to gain momentum, the driver can change gears to transmit more speed to the wheels.

This change in speed is brought about by connecting gears of different sizes. When a gear drives a larger gear, speed reduces, and force increases, but when it drives a smaller gear, speed is increased and force is reduced. 

So how does the gear box cause the vehicle to change direction? Connecting one gear to another means the second gear gets to turn in the opposite direction. To change the direction again, add another gear – that is where the magic of reverse gear lies.

The 2017 Jaguar F-Pace is both stunning and gorgeous. It is an astonishing combination of cutting edge design and practicality. The F-Pace performs on every road on any day. The jaguar F-Pace is a new way of life where Sports Utility Vehicles are concerned. It hits the market at a time when everyone is excited about SUVs.


The engines offer a balance between power and fuel economy. The F-Pace includes a 380hp engine, 3.0L capacity, supercharged v6 available on the F-Pace S variant. An impressive array of space makes it clear that every inch has been carefully considered for maximum usability.


The F-Pace brandishes an in-car technology which includes the advanced Jaguar In-Control system that ensures riders are always connected with the outside world. The sensational performance and dramatic looks provides exhilaration that will excite the senses.

The F-Pace comes in a number of builds for users to choose from. There is an F-Pace for every kind of buyer.

Black Tyre

Take a look at your car’s tire and you notice some numbers and letters and symbols – yes those ones you have become so well accustomed to snubbing. What if I told you that those characters held the keys too useful information about your tires? Well they do. Here are their meanings:-

Tyre type – The letter P, indicates that it is for passenger vehicles. Another variant would be LT for light trucks and so on.

Tyre width – the first set of three numbers indicate the width of the tyre from one side wall to the other.

Aspect Ratio – the ratio of the height of the tyre’s cross section to its width. E.g. the 65 means that the height is equal to 65% of the tyre’s width.

Construction – The letter R stands for Radial, which means the layers run radially across the tyre.

Wheel diameter – the size of wheel that is made to fit into the tyre e.g the tyre is made for a 15” tyre.

Load index – indicates the maximum load that can be supported by the tyre when properly inflated.

Speed rating – tells you the maximum speed capability of the tyre. This is often matched to the top speed capability of the vehicle.

You are now up to date on matters of tyres, be sure to enjoy your trips and drive safely when you go out.

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