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Could 2017 Be The Year Of Health Tech?


2015 was the year of eCommerce, 2016 was the year of FinTech, could 2017 be the year of Health Tech?

It would be nice for health tech to become a thing, but there is a mountain to climb. Health tech needs more than another cool app or beautifully crafted website to take off. There is so much groundwork to be done offline, for health tech to be as successful as FinTech did last year or eCommerce the year before.


It would take more than copying from other successful sectors or developed countries to make health tech work in a developing country like Nigeria. The uniqueness of the situation calls for specifically created innovations.

Health tech promises to provide solutions to the myriad of problems Nigeria faces in the health sector, reduced waiting times, convenient bookings, and patient centered therapy, among others. Even as steps are being made digitally, efforts will also be needed to provide better facilities and more doctors.

Finally, founders and co-founders need to create profitability if they would like investors to pour in money to fund their ambitions. This is one thing that health tech has struggled with over the years.

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