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Could This Be The End For Samsung?


Samsung is having it very terrible this year, following the rampant explosions of their newly released Galaxy Note 7 phone batteries, the massive recall and the continued explosion of the replacement phones, it is easy to see how this could pose a problem for them in the future.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with exploded battery

Samsung has spent the past few years fighting tooth and nail, even to the point of dragging foremost gadget manufacturers, Apple to court in order to seal their place as a world class phone maker. They have only barely gotten the recognition they worked so hard for and calamity has decided to befall them. Right now when I hear Samsung, I think explosives.
To make matters worse, Google has announced Pixel, a new line of phones, superior to their nexus line. This could spell doom for Samsung as Pixel could take over as the top of the line Android device.

Samsung is still yet to figure out why their phones are blowing up, they have killed the Samsung galaxy note 7 line of phones, a move that has cost them about $2.3 billion already. Even as heads rattle at the Samsung headquarters over the possible reasons behind the battery explosions, they should also think up an escape route out of this fast.

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