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Ekovolt Wants To Use Underused Tv Frequencies To Transmit Internet signals To You


The idea is cool, but it is not a novel one. It have been in use for quite sometime in other parts of the world. And Ekovolt has taken up the mantle to bring some of it to us.

They hope to alleviate the challenges we face procuring fast and cheap Internet and Web can only hope they succeed in good time.

The thinking behind it is simple –
1. Internet broadband signals and television signals operate around the same frequencies.
2. Tv operators leave some space between each others frequencies to avoid interference between signals.

Then comes the idea- what if we use that white space to transmit Internet to end users?

It looks good on paper. You’ll agree. Getting it to work can be a totally different story especially in terms of infrastructure and capital that would need to be overcome to make this work especially on a marketable level.

Luckily for Emeka Ebo a former version employee who lives in Washington DC and operates an office in Maryland, Lagos a well timed partnership with Microsoft takes him closer to his goal.

Ekovolt is not new to the business of Internet service provision. In fact they have mapped out a plan to provide small and medium scale enterprises with the Internet services they need.

We look forward to what comes out of their adventure and we wish them the best.

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