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Enjoy The True Taste Of Android With Pixel Made By Google


They say too many cooks will spoil the broth and that has been the story of android over the past few years. Google has decided to step in and fully make a phone by themselves to show fans and critics the true power of Android. Between phone makers and carriers with bloatware and overcooked user interfaces, users have been denied the goodness that is android.

The Pixel attempts to change everything you know about android.

This weekend Google’s new phone will be released to give users an undiluted version of android. The Pixel is so far Google’s best shot at providing end users with a versatile OS, a sleek intuitive UI and hardware that is prepared for anything the android user throws at it.

Google Pixel
Google Pixel

The Pixel comes in two sizes 5 inch and 5.5 inch version the Pixel XL. Apart from the difference in size, both phones are identical in other aspects. No effort would be made to deny the obvious; the pixel looks a lot like the iPhone, save for the finger print sensor located at the back and the glass shade at the top third of the back. Apart from that in every other way it is full stock Android in all its glory.

The pixel is not water proof, so don’t even dare. It has on speaker at the bottom, and a head phone jack at the top. They are noticeably faster than the Samsung Galaxy S7. The batteries last up to twenty four hours and 12.3 MP means your pictures come out dazzling.

For the price, there has to be more

For $649 and up Google has to throw in more than just upgrades, and yes they have;

Google assistant – Let us just say, Ok Google ob

tained a Masters in customer satisfaction and returned as Google Assistant.

Google Daydream – users that get Pixel do not just get a phone, they get a vital component of the Google virtual reality experience.

Unlimited Cloud Storage – Pixel users are going to need space for those high quality images they take and other documents and google is offering unlimited storage to users to woo them.

Tech support – there is chat and phone support built in the settings menu and screen viewing capabilities means that users can share their screens with support representatives so assistance can be provided.

Instant updates – Updates will be installed quietly in the background waiting for the user to switch over at their convenience.

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