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Facebook’s Messenger Secret ‘dark mode’ App Makes a Debut

….How To Active The Secret Dark Mode


Facebook users globally can finally access the long-awaited ‘dark mode’ in Facebook’s Messenger app for Android and iOS, with the feature arriving as a fun Easter egg for those who follow a few simple steps, as noted on Reddit.

Facebook’s new entrant, which made debut weeks ahead of schedule, is intended to make chats easier on the eyes. It could be a helpful tool for users whose eyes feel strained after staring at a bright screen for prolonged periods of time.

‘Messenger’s dark mode provides lower brightness while maintaining contrast and vibrancy,’ Facebook says.

‘Dark mode cuts down the glare from your phone for use in low light situations, so you can use the Messenger features you love no matter when or where you are.’

According to agency reports, Messenger’s dark mode was made available to select users in certain countries late last year as part of the feature’s early testing phase. Now, it’s available to everyone who has the latest version of the app installed on their devices.

To unlock dark mode in Messenger, you must first send a message to someone you know (or even yourself) that consists solely of a crescent-shaped moon emoji (the one that looks like this: ☽).

Once you’ve done that, several moon emoji will rain down over your conversation screen, letting you know that the feature has been unlocked and can be toggled on or off within the app’s settings menu.

According to msm.com, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook has become one of the world’s most popular social networking websites, with 2.32 billion monthly active users as of Dec. 31, 2018.


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