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Farmcrowdy Launches New Agro-focused e-Commerce, Trading Platform

… As It Celebrates Four Years Of Farmers Empowerment In Nigeria

Farmcrowdy, Nigeria’s first and leading Agritech company, has announced that it will extend its service in agriculture beyond financing, into using technology to boost the food value chain, as well as launch a new e-commerce platform and its trading and aggregation platform for smallholder farmers.

The Agritech company, which was founded in 2016 by five young Nigerians led by Onyeka Akumah, with the aim of empowering farmers by connecting them to alternative financing and market access via a crowd-funding platform, stated this in Lagos as it marks its fourth year in business.

In light of this new development and the opportunities that exist in the agriculture value chain, Farmcrowdy’s Founder and CEO, Onyeka Akumah, has further announced that the company will focus on the use of technology to build tools and resources that farmers will need to boost food security in the country through its six-pronged business focus.

These businesses were set up to serve all individuals across the entire agriculture value chain prioritizing stakeholder access to better yields, lower costs, and smarter marketing and they are; Farmcrowdy Structured Finance, Farmcrowdy Insurance, Farmcrowdy Marketing, Farmcrowdy Tech and Data, Farmcrowdy Foods and Farmcrowdy Aggregation.

Farmcrowdy, by this, has become an end-to-end one-stop-shop for Agritech business in Nigeria and other countries of operation.

In commemoration of its fourth year anniversary, Farmcrowdy announced the launch of these businesses along with the introduction of two major platforms, the Farmcrowdy Foods e-Commerce platform and the Farmcrowdy Trader platform, which is a Flagship platform under Farmcrowdy Aggregation.

Farmcrowdy Foods is a one-stop e-commerce platform for fresh food and groceries. It was created in the heat of the COVID -19 pandemic as a solution to the growing food scarcity by giving individuals the opportunities to conveniently purchase food items that are fresh, healthy, and fit for consumption from the comfort of their homes. Since inception in April 2020, Farmcrowdy Foods has been able to successfully complete over 3,000 orders in its first 90 days, through the Farmcrowdy Foods mobile app available on the Google and IOS app store, and now, Farmcrowdy Foods is set to launch its e-commerce platform where consumers can purchase all their fresh foods and get value for their monies.

The Farmcrowdy Trader platform is also a one-stop-shop created to provide major processors and international buyers the opportunity to purchase commodities directly from farming clusters and aggregators by optimizing the market access to African farmers and improving their income and boosting their yields. The platform creates an atmosphere for greater integration of the value chain through vertical relationships which improves product flow, thereby reducing cost and inconveniences; and improving efficiencies through technology. Farmcrowdy Trader has a mobile application that enables easy farmer’s data profiling, advisory services, procurement, agency banking, insurance, and microcredit for small-holder farmers.

Since inception in November 2016, Farmcrowdy has amassed a network of over 300,000 farmers in its network, cultivated across 17,000 acres of farmland, reared 3 million broiler birds, and deployed funds for farming projects across Nigeria. The award-winning startup has also hinted at a possible expansion to replicate its model in two countries in 2021.

The company prides itself on being Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform that creates the future of Agriculture by putting relevant technology and information in the hands of farmers. “We are focused on helping farmers and agribusinesses by providing them with tools that give them access to better yields and lower costs. Our vision is to be the foremost digital agriculture platform in Africa admired for its impact in using technology for collaboration on food production and boosting food security across the continent,” the company stated.

It believes that achieving these goals will go a long way in improving the economies of rural farm localities and strengthening food security across Africa.

With the federal government once again looking at agriculture for economic emancipation, Farmcrowdy, which has received federal government commendations, is positioned to drive the economy through Agritech.

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