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Finally, A New MacBook


Since 2012, Apple fans have been looking forward to the next MacBook. A MacBook that will be great enough to replace the current ones. Finally, after years of waiting, Apple has finally announced a press event; which means, new MacBooks! 

What can we expect from Apple’s big event? 

A totally redesigned MacBook. Yes there are only so many ways to arrange a keyboard and a screen, but Apple has shown time and again that they can work magic even within those limits. Little wonder we cannot wait, to see what surprises they have in store for us this time. 

Rumour has it that Apple was going to replace the MacBook pro with a thinner, lighter version. The function keys would also be replaced with an OLED touch screen. A dynamic screen that changes according to what users are doing at any point in time. Neat! 
For faster connectivity, the MacBook would come with USB type C ports and maybe thunderbolt 3 ports. Apple may do away with Magsafe – the power adaptor – and replace with USB type C. 

The MacBook Air is not going to be left out 

It is still Apple’s best selling and most affordable notebook, the MacBook Air will be updated with USB C and Thunderbolt 3 support, we do not expect retina display on this, so if you want retina display you’d need to get a MacBook pro. Also, no more 11′ MacBook Air.

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