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Google Releases New Mobile Operating System


Google has released the new version of Android Android 7.0, codenamed Nougat to some people. Google began to send out Android Nougat to people’s phones around the world a few days ago.

The new entrant will initially arrive on Google’s own Nexus devices first, and soon arrive on the upcoming LG V20. Other phones will have to wait until their carriers and manufacturers decide to make it available – potentially leaving them open to big security problems.

The situation poses a challenge to Google, which wants as many users as possible to upgrade. According to the firm’s own figures, only 15% of Android devices in use got the previous version of Android, agency reports said.

The new version of Android brings new features including better battery life, more emojis and virtual reality compatibility that sits alongside a whole host of VR tools.

Google said that there are more than 250 major new features in the newest version of Android, which is officially version 7.0. This new version of its mobile operating system allows two apps to be run on the same screen at once, and makes it possible for devices to handle more complex 3D graphics.

It also brings new security features, meant to make Android better at keeping data private. Many of those features are locked to new devices, but they allow phones to automatically store information in the background and make sure that files are encrypted so they can’t easily be read by people.

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