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HACK 101: How to Protect Your Account From Being HACKED

For over three decades since the internet became a major force in business and social circles globally, a lot of internet users have been defrauded and had their identities stolen.

Fraudulent activities have been on the increase. We have heard and witnessed people being scammed and some tricked to phish out information from firms.

The tech world is evolving and there won’t be an end to nefarious acts on the internet. While this is a major challenge to naive surfers, becoming a prey is relatively easy.

Certain factors should be put in place to mitigate these risks. I have put down the following to help you as a basic shield from hacking into your online accounts.

Note the following:

>>Never click on a link that you don’t know its source

>>Never download an attachment from an unauthorized sender or unexpected message.

>> Never use one password for all your online accounts

>> Never save your password on your laptop, your phone or any gadget that may be accessible to others, while in your custody or lost.

>> Never write your password on a piece of paper and hide it under your desk or where someone can easily come across it.

>>>Never log into your Email account from an untrusted PC; but if you do, make sure you clear up the cache or history from that PC.

>>Never use your email password to fill forms for online registrations

>> Always mix alphabets and numbers, plus symbols in the composition of your password. The password must have no meaning and must have no pronunciation. It is more secured.

To be secured is to do the right things always with utmost care.

Osimiri David,
System Administrator,
Full-stack developer,
and Digital marketing expert

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