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How To Charge Your Phone’s Battery According To Science


The subject of batteries is one that has gotten so little buzz in the tech scene. Since the advent of the gadget age one of the top five phobias of gadget users is having a dead battery – it’s up there with the fear of spiders, snakes, dying and public speaking. 
If batteries are precious and our fear of them dying so morbid how then can we charge our batteries so they last longer.

1. Avoid Charging From Zero To Hundred

If you live in Nigeria or anywhere with power cuts, you may find this hard to swallow. But it is true. Your phone has a finite number of cycles it can manage – say 300 – 500 after which it becomes less of a battery. Every time you charge from zero to hundred, that is one cycle gone.

2. Stay between 50 – 80

The sweet spot for battery optimization for those who can is 50 – 80%. As much as possible keep your charging between that range. Perhaps phones should be built with that option inbuilt. So you can decide to do all your charging within that range and disable it from time to time only out of necessity.

3. Do a full cycle charge

Every month a full cycle charge will help recalibrate your battery. Think of it like you allowing yourself indulge in fast food and snacks every once in a while – it might not be the best thing for your health but it’s necessary for your sanity.

4. Can you charge your phone overnight? 

You can. But then again, should you? If you must. While you are at it, be sure to take the phone out of the casing to ensure it does not over heat – lithium ion batteries do not like overheating.

5. Fast Charging?

My phone has this feature, it makes me happy to know that I can go from zero to hundred in one hour or less – what? I’m only human! Although it is a nice feature to have, it is advised that you turn it off and use it only when you must. Fast charging exposes your phone to overheating – yeah, mine does that and overheating means more wear and tear, which in turn means reduced battery life span, which is quite a problem if your phone has an inbuilt battery because you cannot just yank it out and put another one.

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