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How To Use Your Various Social Media Platforms


Remember the days of MySpace, Hi5, Tumblr and Flickr and how we flocked from one to the other to get our dose of “cool”? – The good old days. The beauty of those times was that at least we got to use them one after the other. The overlap was minimal, allowing us to focus on whichever one was predominant.

Five of the most
Five of the most popular social media platforms

The story has changed today, no social media platform looks like they want to back out. They all want to become world powers and they are all bent on out doing themselves to remain relevant – they must have learnt some lessons on the need to innovate so as to remain relevant.

So what do you do if you live in today’s world with a bazillion social media platforms and you have an account on almost all of them and they all have notifications popping here and there everywhere you turn? What do you use each one for? I will show you.

Facebook – Facebook provides you more opportunities to build a network and engage with your communities. The craze may be over, but Facebook is far from dead. You can also use Facebook pages and groups to promote your brands or causes.

Twitter – twitter is where topics go viral and trends born. If you ever want to go viral, twitter is a place to be. Connect with people who post content you love, engage with brands you love and discover ideas.

Instagram – share pictures from your life with your friends on Instagram and beyond. Yes beyond! Instagram can sync with Twitter and Facebook if you let it. A good way to promote your brand among those on your network.

Whatsapp – individual and group discussions, used for private discussions with people whose phone numbers you have.

BBM – connect with business associates, colleagues, friends and family. The feeds feature if used correctly is a way to sell your personality to those on your contact list. It comes in handy when you want to keep in touch but you do not want to give out your phone number.

Pinterest – curate ideas, collect items you love and share them with others. Pinterest is where the world goes in search of inspiration.

Google Plus – connect with brands and feeds. Use Google circles to build a neatly organized community of friends, family, acquaintances etc.

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