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It’s Official, Killing Apps Won’t Make Your Battery Last Longer


If you’re like most people you enjoy swiping apps put of view or double tapping your home screen on your iPhone. It makes you feel good knowing that you can make the app cease to exist and consume precious memory on your device and more importantly it saves battery. Right? Right?!

That last one is not true. In a tweet sent out by Google developer he made it clear that killing killing apps won’t make your battery last longer. In fact the reverse is the case. Probing a little further into how operating systems work especially as regards memory and power makes this irony a lot clearer.

First of all, starting apps and killing them is pretty much like booting your device and shutting it down. Yes when your device is shut down its using no battery power and that saves a tremendous amount of energy – but booting on and shutting down takes more power than usual and if you’re going to boot your device and shut it down each time you want to check the weather, text a friend or make another call. Oh now you see it.

It’s pretty much the same thing when you start and kill your apps. Swiping apps that you use the almost all the time out of view just so you feel like a dictator really does little good. Apps like WhatsApp, blackberry messenger, Facebook and in my case twitter should be left to leave. The apps that you should feel comfortable swiping out of view are those apps you use maybe once a day or twice a week – why do you even have such apps installed on your phone anyway? We’ll get to that later.

Plus operating systems are smarter these days – they know which apps are consuming more memory and power than they should and they help you take care of them silently. So if you’ll allow your smart phone do its job of being smart and stop micromanaging the poor thing to dumbness you could get your money’s worth in battery life.

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