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Keep your 9 billion, says jury to Google. You don’t owe Oracle nothing.


In what would be a win for the masses Google have come out victorious in a lawsuit from Oracle that have lasted about half a decade. Since 2010 Google and Oracle have contested the use of 37 java APIs in the development of android. If Oracle wins, Google stands to lose about 9 billion dollars to Oracle in claims.

Java was created by Sun Systems and when Sun Systems was bought by Oracle, Oracle became the new owner of Java.

Oracle attorneys claim that Google use of their property to develop Android which they made free and open for everyone use hurt the chances of ever making money out of Java. Google’s lawyers refuted this claim saying it was false. And in fact Oracle is only disgruntled because their own efforts at creating a smart phone failed severally.

Google is not denying using the Java APIs. Instead they claim they did so under the fair use doctrine which allows them to take parts of another software, modify it and create something new. The court concluded that Google had not infringed on Oracle’s intellectual property and they could keep their 9 billion dollars.
This win has significance beyond Google and Oracle. It also affects future projects. Young technology software companies may not want to develop products off existing frameworks for fear that they may succumb to law suits later on. But with a Google win that fear is put to rest as the fair use law has saved the day.

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