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Lagos State Is Serious About Code Lagos


In yet another fine move the Lagos state government initiated CODE LAGOS last year. And they are very serious about it. So far facilitators are being prepared for the programme which is supposed to kick off this year.

Code Lagos is an initiative of the Lagos state government aimed at teaching young people how to code. The Lagos state government is hopeful that this initiative will produce the Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg of Africa.

The programme is an essential one as in the near future majority of the jobs available will be in tech and if young people are to be of any use in such a society they will have to be conversant with the tech trends.

Members of the Nigerian tech community have lauded the move and said it should as a matter of fact be replicated across all states of the federation. It is hoped that Code Lagos will help produce a working model that can indeed be replicated in other states.

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