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Much Ado About Linda Ikeji’s Social Network


​After talking about it for a while, Linda Ikeji came through with it, Linda Ikeji Social, or LIS, took off with a target of becoming a thing among dedicated readers of the Linda Ikeji Blog.

Fans and critics have poured in comments, and made predictions, but deep down inside we all know there is no telling what the future holds. Linda Ikeji Social is one of four platforms to be released by Linda Ikeji Media others being Linda Ikeji TV, Linda Ikeji Radio and Linda Ikeji Music.

In as much as LIS is a new social network, it is not exactly starting from scratch. This gives it an edge over other new social networks – she already has vast content and a dedicated fan base that will follow her anywhere she goes.

To spice things up, she also intends to pay users to contribute articles to the platform. Indeed, it is a good move by her to take ownership of her platform and there are lots of possibilities for here henceforth.

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