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Nokia Makes Yet Another Attempt At The Smartphone Game


Very clearly they have refused to back down. Nokia have refused to let all the value they have built into their name go down the drain without a fight – or two. After all they didn’t do anything wrong, except come late to the party – which by the way is a grave offence in today’s world of tech.

Feelings are mixed and people are not as excited as they were when Nokia announced their first android device – which turned out not so great by the way. The smartphone market is getting to the point of saturation, all brands sport devices that are essentially alike – glass, plastic and a battery – nothing exciting.

Nokia was always known for their stunning Carl Zeiss camera, long lasting battery and durable hardware, but will all those be enough to charm a fickle market after more than half a decade of being away. Especially at a time like this when things have turned drab and dreary.

Nokia has a lot to prove and fans are willing to give them yet another chance to prove their worth in the smartphone era. These same fans have been known to be unforgiving and Nokia will have to work extra hard to not let them down a second time.

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