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Online Ads – Are Tech Companies Spying On You


At first, I dismissed it as just the paranoia speaking. But it became more and more obvious – the obnoxious ads that followed me everywhere I went on the internet.

This is what I am talking about; have you noticed that when you search for an item on the internet or you indicate interest in a particular product on an ecommerce website you start seeing more similar ads everywhere you go, from the web to you blackberry messenger.

It seems like people are spying on you, tracking your activities and telling on you. It feels creepy. But that is what we have to contend with in this era of targeted advertising. It can be both good and bad, on one hand it means that ad suppliers take time to learn and understand user preferences and provide them with ads they will find useful. On the other hand it feels like you’re being cajoled to buy things online in a bothersome and annoying way, like those guys at Yaba market do to you when you as much as throw them a glance.

Next time you see those ads following you everywhere you go, be sure to know that they are not random and they have been shown to you based on data from your recent online activities.

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