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Pokemon Go – A New Kind Of Fever


Pokemon Go is a free mobile game that lets you see tiny creatures in your phone superimposed on the real world. Your mission is to catch as many of these creatures called Pokemon as possible. Pokemon has been around for over 20 years now. The first games were even played in black and white. Pokemon is short for Pocket Monster in case you were wondering.

explore your real world, capture virtual charaters
Explore your real world, capture virtual charaters

Users play the game by walking around in real life, capturing pokemon, battling gyms and gaining “prestige”. The game has succeeded wildly where others have failed in trying to get people out of their couches.

In only two weeks, the game has managed to capture the minds of many enthusiasts. There are only a few other games that can be mentioned in the same breathe as Pokemon Go, these are Candy crush, Temple run and a few others.

Catch 'em all
Catch ’em all

It is very easily the best thing that has happened since the endless running games – temple run and the others. Sooner than we can imagine there will be a flurry of similar games with the same concept.

Pokemon Go is a huge success from Niantic, a company that was spun off from Google when they reorganized under alphabet. Nintendo and Niantic have made a great game that definitely makes the wait very much worth it.

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