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Rwandan Students Fight Corruption With New App

Imagine having an application where you can directly document cases of corruption for the relevant authorities to act upon them.

This is exactly what three bright Rwanda students have decided to come up with in an innovation that is likely to change the face of corruption in their country.

The three students, Monica Kirabo, Angela Izi Nkusi, and Odile Abimana emerged with the idea of developing an anti-corruption app purely out of necessity.

According to media firm, CGTN, the three were dismayed by a story of their colleague who narrated an unfortunate ordeal involving his father and a traffic officer.

Apparently the dad in question was stopped by the officer for allegedly flouting some traffic rules but instead of bringing him to book, all the officer wanted was a little bribe and the case would fizzle away.

The painful bit is the father had barely done any wrong-doing in itself so paying up a bribe in itself was not only unethical, but it was a needless hole in his finances.

“The father was driving before the policeman stopped him that he had violated traffic rules. He was asked to pay a bribe to be let go,” one of the girls, Odile Abimana was quoted.

Because of that one incident, the three who are all Science and Technology students developed an app which they named the Anti-Corruption App (ACAP).

Through the app, people are able to lodge complaints about bribery cases and relevant authorities are able to review them later.

It is estimated that approximately 75 million people pay bribes annually, and that is in Sub-Saharan Africa alone.

The app is similar to the one launched in Kenya dubbed the Action for Transparency App (A4T App) where people can report corruption cases via mobile.

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