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Say Hello To Facebook Messenger Bots


Facebook released its messenger platform in April this year with the chatbot feature amidst lots of criticism from skeptics. Seven months and over 11,000 chatbots later, Facebook messenger has been able to provide support to millions of users around the web with this powerful new feature.

Facebook chatbots uses a mix of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and human assistance to provide a wide range of services to users. With Messenger Bots, Facebook is keeping up with other messenger platforms that already offer chat bots like Kik, Telegram and Line.

Facebook Messenger Bot, an exciting new tool

Messenger Bots can send and receive more than just text. They will be able to respond with structured messages, links and call to action buttons. With these, users can order reservations, buy products from e-commerce websites and pay for purchases.

Chatbots is the most exciting thing in tech presently with the ability to provide personalized, interactive communication much like talking to a human customer service or sales rep, with the mouth-watering advantage of being much cheaper than call centers.

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