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Social Media Platform, TalkStuff.com Debuts To Boost Local Content


A new social media platform, TalkStuff.com is set to hit the Nigerian social network scene with an official launch on December 8 in Abuja.

Expected at the event are the Minister of Communications, Barrister Adebayo Shittu, members of ICT and Communications Committees in the two chambers of the National Assembly and other major stakeholders in the ICT sector.


TalkStuff, according to the promoters, will be a better choice that will be more appealing for Nigerian business owners and provide value for regular users.

Founder/Chief Executive Officer of the platform, Ms. Rachel Ogbonna, stated that TalkStuff will bring Nigerian social media users closer to their friends, families, and communities. It will also ensure that businesses reach their target audience without any trappings and at an acceptable cost to the Nigerian business men or women.

The TalkStuff market share, she stressed will comprise of personal users, business users, groups, and communities who want all the features of several networks in one powerful and versatile social platform.

Explaining the concept, Ms. Ogbonna noted: “TalkStuff will be combining all the amazing features of several social networks into one. We are not looking to replace Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media network. We are simply going to grab our market share.”

The promoters of the platform, she further stressed, were excited to float the social network which will enable iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry Apps, in Nigeria because of the interest of the present administration in the development of local content as a way of diversifying the economy and drive foreign investments into the country.

“With the current high foreign exchange rate, it has become vital that all products and services being provided to Nigerian users and businesses, be mostly home-grown solutions.

“TalkStuff will be a platform where people of all ages, social status, and interests will meetup to discuss issues that interest them. The content will be mostly user-generated and will serve as the main form of engagement for current and prospective users”, she said.

She said the platform will be affordable to all strata of the Nigerian society and users will have access to information that they need in a simplified setting, and businesses will have access to their target audience easily at more affordable rates.

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