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Techy Gifts To Buy For That Special Someone This Valentine


Valentine is around the corner and it is okay to be a little confused as to what to get your significant other. It is even more credit worthy to not want to be boring. Get that special someone a gift that appeals to their inner geek and does not break the bank from this list.
1. Smart Watch – Geek is the new cool, b=has been for quite a while now and nothing says “I’m geek and proud’ like owning a smart watch.
2. Power bank – It doesn’t seem like the most romantic thing to get while shopping, but when you add a written note stating that you will like him or her to have this so you can communicate longer; make it personal and mushy. Whenever they get to use it, they will remember your words and they will be charged up, literally.
3. A phone case – yes, really. It could be specially made for him or her or you could apply some thought into purchasing one.
4. A selfie stick – if your significant other does not have a selfie stick, get him or her this. Especially if it is a her. Even if she has one already, get her another one. Nobody has ever died of having too many selfie sticks.
5. Bluetooth speaker – get a loud one, in their best colour with long lasting batteries, so you two can connect over music. Thank me later.

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