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Ten Techie Side Hustles To Help You Earn Extra Income

If you’re a young person with a mind for tech, you are in plenty of luck. The reason being that there’s so much that you can do to earn extra money. Apart from extra cash, it’s also nice to have an outlet or two to channel your creativity towards.
Without much ado and in no particular order, here we go;
1. Graphics design – If you can use tools like CorelDraw and Photoshop then you’re in plenty of luck as you can make money designing magazines, posters, business cards, logos, and Stationery for businesses.
2016-06-25-1466835058-3172856-dkcwebdesignbanner2. Web design – if you’re good with html, CSS and Javascript or PHP or both, you’re in high demand, lots of businesses and individuals want a website for one purpose or another and are more than willing to pay.
3. Programming – Throw in a few more languages like python and Ruby on rails to your arsenal and you’re a programmer. You can create applications for desktop and mobile for people for huge sums of money.
4. Social Media Management –  Just as it is easy to while away time chatting on Facebook and Twitter, it is equally easy to make money using these platforms. Make a few phone calls, tell people and businesses that you’ll handle their social media platforms for them. You will be surprised to find people willing to pay for your time.
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5. Blogger – the key thing here is to have a niche. A niche you have authority in, fashion and make up, gadgets, photography, whatever you fancy talking about. Make sure it’s well up your alley and you have a money maker.
6. Web administration – its one thing to create a website, it’s another to keep the website up and running. That’s where you come in as a web administrator; help organizations maintain and update their web platforms, for a fee of course.
7. Photography – if you know how to take candid shots and you’re good with Photoshop and other photo editing software then join the league of photographers taking photo shots of people, framing them, hanging them and charging them for it.
8. Content creation – content, they say is king. How would you like to be the king maker? Write for people, pick up a pen, a typewriter or a laptop, whatever you feel comfortable with, wax lyrical about the topics you love for people willing to pay for your vocabulary prowess.
9. Gadget repairs – if you’re handy with tools and you like tinkering with gadgets, make some money by learning to diagnose and fix broken gadgets.
10. Desktop publishing – become a real life virtual office assistant by helping people type out documents, dot some “I”s cross some “t”s add finishing touches, convert to PDF and mail back to them. You will be surprised to see how much ease you’re bringing to their lives.
There are even more money making opportunities you could stumble upon, especially when you have a smartphone, laptop and Internet. The key thing is to be patient. Go in for the passion, stay for the money.

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