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What a Trump presidency means for tech.


The furore is over, the protests are dying down,  the shock is fading out and the whole world is coming to terms with it – Donald Trump won the election that will see him become the next president of the United States of America. 

The United States is a global power in many aspects of human endeavor, including technology. Silicon Valley, the Mecca for tech enthusiasts sits in San Francisco and it is not a secret that every country wish they had their own silicon Valley – a breeding ground for innovative companies. 
From Silicon Valley and beyond, companies within the United states create the devices that power much of our lives, laptops, tablets, phones, and even the applications that run on them. So we get the picture, the United States affects all of us, one way or another. 

We are left holding our pens in our hands, drawing up permutations thinking about the many ways these changes could affect our lives and how best we can make the most of them. 

1. Forcing apple to manufacture phones in the United States – and this will send the prices of phones up into the sky, especially for American users. Apple may continue production in China for other countries. 

2. Blue collar jobs – many silicon Valley innovations tend to eliminate blue collar jobs while putting the jobs in the hands of on demand providers. Some people argue that these kind of jobs with no benefits are a ripoff and Donald Trump agrees strongly. Will he shut down such apps or force them to act like real employers? We wait. 

3. Bringing back the jobs – a sizable number of our companies use remote workforces globally, companies like Andela provide some of such skills from Nigeria, how will a Donald Trump presidency bent on bringing home the jobs affect companies like Andela? 
4. Futuristic technology – from AI to robotics and self driving cars, recently the rave in Silicon Valley has been about creating a workforce of machines. It’s hard to tell if Donald Trump will look too kindly on this. 
5. His proposed clamp down on Muslims, Mexicans Asians and other immigrants goes against the diversity culture that Silicon Valley has worked so hard to build over the years. 
The worry is no joking matter among silicon Valley thought leaders as several folks quickly signed a quixotic movement that the state of California become an independent country. And must remain so until such a time as it is safe to rejoin the union.

Donald Trump is not alone – he has support from Peter Thiel since during his campaign and now Peter Thiel sits in his transition team. 

However, Donald Trump has a history of taking back his words leading us to think, he really might not do all these things. Lets wait and watch things unfold.

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