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Why Google Will Win The AI War


​Self driving cars, robotics, smart homes… The race to be crowned King of Artificial Intelligence gets more intense by the day and major players like IBM, Uber, Google, Apple and Facebook are working hard to come out tops. 

Straight up google will win the AI War by virtue of it’s extensive search database. Google can easily develop programmes that cull answers from the net using its search engine – the key will have to be speed. 
Google also has a few tricks up their sleeves already, snatching up promising startups in AI and robotics. Google has already made giant strides regarding AI with the release Google Assistant in Allo. 

There are other players in Artificial Intelligence like Apple, Microsoft, IBM and Facebook, each applying a slightly different approach to Artificial Intelligence. 

Google will win the AI war the same way it won the search war, by building infrastructure from th ground up which is one thing Google is pretty good at. Taking the long way to success has always worked for the Mountain View Company.

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