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NCC Podacast Opens A New Vista In Social Media Communication – Danbatta

With the launch of a new channel of information, the Podcast, by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) the Commission says Nigerians will be opened to a new “A New Vista In Social Media Communication” as they connect to “NCC Global Connect”.

Speaking at the launch of the Commission’s strategic vision plan 2021-2025, the podcast and a ‘compendium of EVC’s speeches’, the Executive Vice Chairman of the NCC, Prof. Umar Garba Danbatta noted that the launch of the Podcast Channel has been made necessary by the fast evolving technology adoption globally and locally.

“Our embrace of innovation at the Commission is not an event. It is a continuous experience embedded in our corporate culture as an organisation. Over the years, we have deployed various well-established conventional and social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter (banned for now) – for our media and public relations activities. But we are not relenting in expanding our media frontiers. We want to reach more and more of our stakeholders with our rich content to empower them and improve our visibility locally and internationally.”

He continued: “Due to advancements in digital technologies, Podcasts have become increasingly popular as a medium of stakeholder engagement as they help increase these engagements in an organic and conversational way. In keeping with these advancements, we have created the Commission’s podcast channel “NCC Global Connect” to be launched as an additional social media channel of the Commission.”

The audio content of the Podcast, Danbatta explained, can be seamlessly accessed on various channels including Podcast Addict, Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music, Google Music, iHeartRadio, Deezer and much more.

He said that establishing the podcast channel is in line with our strategic initiatives to boost the corporate image and visibility of the Commission via the adoption of innovative channels of communication by developing audio and video contents to reach our stakeholders within and outside the country, as well as using it to attract the attention of prospective investors into the Nigerian telecommunications market.

Explaining the provisions of the Podcast channel, the EVC said: “On NCC Global Connect, you can watch and listen to the most authorative and current policy statements, regulations, guidelines, determinations and a host of other important policy pronouncements on the telecom sector by the Honourable Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, and regulatory pronouncements from the Board and Management of the NCC as well as other industry leaders in this dynamic sector.”

He pointed out that, like a book, the NCC Podacast opens a new vista in the Commission’s social media communication. “The Podcast is portable, timeless, boundless and global. You can tune in to it anywhere, any time. You can listen to it hands-free on your Bluetooth earpiece while commuting. I hope you enjoy the novel and exciting platform by making the most use of it.”

The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Prof Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, while commissioning the Podcast along with the Book and the New Strategic Vision Plan (SVP) 2021-2025 noted that the Podcast will provide a lot of awareness to Nigerians and all users.

Pantami, speaking on the SVP, commended the NCC for the implementation of the roadmap, and hoped that it will motivate it to do more.

The EVC had earlier assured that the new SVP, no doubt, embodies several innovative elements deliberately designed to re-invent and transform the telecom ecosystem within the context of regulation.

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